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tax returns that may have crossed the line. good morning it is a warm start to the day, monday august 6th, 2012 at 7:00 a.m., good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour happy you are with us. tucker barnes with us as well we join him for the latest on the forecast. >> good morning a few left over showers maybe a thunder storm early this morning along with cloud cover but should be a decent afternoon cooler weather on the way. let's get to radar show you shower activity generally light overnight, hitting showers without being around the area, and just off to our north and west, reston and lees burg, light showers, dale city, la plata, morning showers lots of cloud cover, and again all this cold front trying to work its
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way through, obviously not through yet as our temperatures are still in the upper 70s, to about 80. here is your forecast today, clouds to start your day, late they are afternoon, breaks of sunshine, check out your high temperature last couple days, mid-to upper 90s. today our afternoon highs only mid-to upper 80s with a little less humidity as well. more details on weather in a minute, traffic and julie wright has got your latest are you out there? >> i'm here. we are just trying to get things set up for you. we have a lot going on right now. travelling the top stretch to have belt way, below speed as you travel 16 miles per hour, college park over towards your exit for georgia avenue, southbound 95, not a bad ride, south, headed down toward it is belt way, started off 31 miles an hour, 109, truck scales, 32 miles an hour out of
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gaithersburg, headed from 124 to 370 at the lain divide up to 57 miles an hour change in our traffic pattern, five lanes now available, towards the wilson bridge. two local lanes, two through lanes travelling out of virginia, to maryland, that part of the project, allowing 5 lanes of travel this time. the mars landing is this mornings big story the biggest man made spacecraft ever sent to mars, landed safely on the red planet just a few hours ago. as you saw there, nasa engineers broke into cheers when they received the first signal from the rover at 1:33 a.m. this morning. >> the robot blazed through the atmosphere and steered itself to a gentle landing inside a crater. live in the newsroom this morning lauren. >> good morning allison and tony. missions to mars are risky out of more than three dozen
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attempts fly byes, or bits, landings, since the 1960s. more than half have ended in disaster this morning, success no small defeat for nasa. >> reporter: it is the most complex, costly, high risk landing on the red planet. [ cheering ] >> reporter: cheers and applause echoing through the nasa jet propulsion laboratory after 7 minutes of terror. the vehicle is carrying cameras, and scientific instruments the rover will spend lots of time investigating mount sharp and a crater nearby the mission will test whether mars ever offered favourable conditions, or, organic compounds necessary for life as we know it. it barreled into the martian
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atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour a huge super sonic parachute deployed to slow it to 200 miles per hour then rockets slowed its decent more for a gentle landing this is one of thousands of pictures the rover will snap during its lifetime. >> if days, years, weeks to come there will be enormous number of images incredible images, real color images this time too. so kind of like the human eye will see so it will be really exciting. >> so far, as you saw there, the rover has beamed back photos of its own shadow and one of its own wheels on marshall soil. follow updates on the curiosity twitter page. this was nasa's 7th landing on marthe space agency is still debating whether it can afford another this decade the latest live from the newsroom. back to you. >> lauren demarco thank you. for more, we are joined by john
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grunsfeld in pasadena california,. >> good morning allison and good morning washington it is a great mars day out here in california. >> and a great day for the entire usa. and the world really. can you talk about just what went into this. you are joining us from the nerve center, if you will. >> well, this is the result of you know more than five years effort, to build this most complex laboratory we have now set down successfully on mars 7,000 people across the country, these are all you know highly skilled tech my call people, more than 37 states, you know this is a made in america rover and the view from where we were sitting, there are a lot of folks who didn't believe after all this effort and all this hard work it really worked we are on mars. >> we have all seen that shot we are looking at now just the
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cheers for what happened here, the pats on the back you were in the room when that happened can you just put us there for just a moment. >> you know this was a room filled with technical people, engineer, scientists and we had kind of an emotional detachment watching the first signals come back indicating you know, that the mars science laboratory had guidance. it had a parachute and then once we saw the parachute opened people started to open up a little bit and there were cheers then the sky crane rockets were firing and there were more cheers then tension and a little bit of quiet, as the rockets brought the lander closer to the surface, and then there was just this brief moment, when we realized, that the curiosity rover had set down on the surface it was really there and after that brief moment just cheerjubilation the whole room erupted, it was unbelievable.
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>> you know we have been using the word, flawless, can we use that word for this mission so far? >> so far, of course this is just the very beginning of the story. getting it down on the surface of course big challenge now we have two years, we have to learn how to operate the rover, learn how to drive it, the project scientist has to get his drivers license on the surface of mars and the whole team but it will be an exciting voyage in gail crater there is a lot to explore. i am convinced we will discover something we haven't imagined yet. mars is an interesting planet lots to explore lots to learn. >> as a former astronaut sir, i have to ask you, do you look back and say, i kind of wish i was flying there, going there? do you wish that or this mission is just so -- with the robotic and unmanned of course but is there a little bit of jealousy there? >> oh, i don't think jealousy
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is the right word but after we start getting the high resolution pictures back and start doing the great science we are going to do on the surface, i think there is going to be billions of people who wish they were on mars out there exploring. it is going to be so exciting. >> we will all join you in that jealousy or whatever that right word is we appreciate you joining us congratulations. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. he is currently the space agency's associate administrator for science mission director but a former astronaut. wonderful to talk to him today tony. over to you. >> indeed. all right. some other top stories this morning unfortunately this one not up beat the fbi is calling a shooting at a sikh temple near milwaukee an act of domestic terrorism a man in his 40s shot and killed six people yesterday, before he was killed outside the temple, in a shoot out with police. we are learning more this morning, the gunman was also an army veteran, who may have been a white supreme cyst, local
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sikhs from around the country want people to focus on the magnitude of the crime and devastation left behind instead of religious differences. >> there will always be people who will do this, this one happened to be in a sikh temple it could happen in a synagogue. a church. >> the police will release more information about the suspect later today. a suspect accused of killing a local business owner, is due in court. the 52-year-old is expected to be formerly charged with the murder of tommy wong he was killed during a robbery last month in arlington. he is currently being held without bond on a probation violation expected to have a bond hearing in morning as well. police on the hunt for a suspect accused of killing a man in northwest dc. officers were called to the area of georgia avenue and park road 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning for the sounds of gunfire.
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when they got there, they found an unconscious man, who had apparent gunshot wounds the victim's name has not been released. just about 7:10 a.m., now on monday morning still ahead, accusations in the race for president, have they gone too far. >> let him prove he has paid taxes because he hasn't >> i am not going to respond to a dirty liar who is not filed a single page of tax returns themselves. >> debate over mitt romney's tax returns continues to dominate the headlines in the campaign trail. what the white house is saying about the accusations next. >> plus headed back to red skins training camp after the break. dave ross will join us live from ash burn pgh >> if as we do head to break now, a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next
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welcome back. on the campaign trail this morning president obama is heading to connecticut this afternoon while gop presidential hopeful, mitt romney is spending the day in private meetings. >> romney who is expected to announce his running mate before the republican national convention is at his vacation home in new hampshire. in the meantime both parties are weighing in on the controversy, of mitt romney and his tax returns. >> i am not going to respond, to a dirty liar, who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself, complains of people with money but lives in the ritz carleton down the street. >> i don't know who harry reid's source was but this
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swirled around mitt romney during his entire campaign he could clear it up just like that, by releasing his tax returns. >> while some democrats say reid's allegations against romney have gone too far politico says the white house is supporting his efforts. reid made the accusation on the senate floor last week without citing evidence. >> tucker joins us here at the desk. it is hot today. >> not as hot only upper 80s for daytime highs we will take it after yesterday's 98, hot again yesterday, humid. >> humidity will be waning a little bit later this afternoon, so slightly more comfortable air moving on in. >> good. >> lost power for a little while yesterday i was like please don't let the humidity be -- >> did you? >> a one two punch. >> doesn't take much. let's go to radar, light shower activity what is going on, cold front moving through and, it is a very slow mover.
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a few minutes ago i mentioned moving so slowly, it may not entirely clear the area. most shower activity off to the east, heaviest of the rain. light showers developing out to the west, out towards dulles, and you can see, south and west of the city, culpepper and down 29th towards charlottesville. it is possible you may see a few more showers, and then that front continues to kind of fade down to the south and east, we should gradually see a little sunshine here, by afternoon. maybe partly sunny conditions, north and west. temperatures still warm, still humid, 79 washington 80 this morning annapolis, 75 out at dulles, warm and humid to start your day notice cooler temperatures north and west, detroit, 58 degrees, 56 columbus, not going to get that cool around here, slightly cooler and drier hair will flow
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back tonight. most of this week, temperatures will be normal, temperatures will gradually be back where they should be next cup dales. tomorrow looks beautiful, a few
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thunderstorms wednesday, thursday better chance friday with the cold front. >> thank you. to julie and find out what is happening on the roadways. pgh >> trying to work your bay into northeast washington, wires down, anne arundel road, travelling inbound 50, lanes open, down to 31 miles an hour, no accidents just volume delays, and then getting through the traffic here, moving at 23 miles an hour
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lanes are open southbound, kennel worth, towards east capital street expect to find slow traffic there. 37 miles an hour eastbound in towards centerville, all of this eastbound 66. metro's blue line expect an additional 20 minute delay due to track problems and single tracking between foggy bottom making your way to and from foggy bottom, that is the blue line you may want to stay with the metro line. >> thank you. a tragic discovery at philadelphia eagles training camp the oldest son of andy reid was found dead. there was no suspicious active any in the past, garrett read battled drug problems, and did prison time but he seemed to have rebounded and was acysting the eagles strength coaches there at camp. in ash burn where the red skins are preparing for the upcoming season it is back to business. >> dave ross is live with today's training camp recap and a look ahead. >> good morning. we have already reached double digits for camp days. day 10 of training camp. if you can believe that on thursday they will play that first preseason game up in buffalo again that means debut of one robert griffin the third around here this weekend, always a big weekend for fan appreciation day, this year no exceptions, 24,650 people braved the elements it was hot. the cool zone a very popular
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spot to be pgh >> we are very excited with rg 3 we hope he will bring a spark and start winning i am looking forward to that. we are getting an autograph. >> i would like to see some go further down the field other than those 5-yarders i know he can do it. i have seen him do it. >> he is smart, he graduated high school early got his under graduate early he is a genius he will bring that on to the football field and dissect defenses especially dallass. the dude is a genius. i think that guy was a genius for the hair and the helmet and the glasses combination. very very nice. you know there are some big position battles going on here i know no body likes to talk about them but special teams is a big part of any good team we have a kicking battle going on right now between graham and neil rackers, ganot out of florida state is the incumbent, last year converted 31 of 41
7:21 am
field goals, not bad not great. neil has been brought in to challenge him the 13 year vet made 80% of his lifetime kicks, kicked the last two year s with the texans both guys are good friends and respect each other how is this friendly competition going? let's start with graham and son. >> good you know i think competition just makes everybody better you know when i heard the news i was looking forward to the competition, i thought it was going to help me, makes everybody better. it will come down to the game i know, as long as i prepare, and do what i can do in the game, it will work out well. >> you know, graham is a good kicker, a great guy, professional, and both out there, to do our job and see who they like at the end to have day. >> i feel like we will hit the ball well we are in a groove with graham and nick during minicamps and you know, we are working to get back there, took five weeks off and then come back, so you know, i feel like we are getting there and in the
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bowl well. no body ever likes to talk about kickers they are like they are just kickers think about how many games are decided by 3 points or less? a tonne, especially for the red skins that kicking spot very very important we will see who gets that job. >> next hour we will introduce you to chris neil one of the defensive tackles defense may be well ahead of the offence wait until you see his beard. tony and allison back to you. >> i can't wait dave. >> all right thank you dave. it is a money beard. i thought he said a money beard. >> okay. well, we will see. money any or funny. checking this mornings headlines including an update on those devastating wild fires, in the sooner state. >> and dancing to the sounds of classical music. holly is live at ballet arts academy. waldorf maryland she will join us later with more about the purpose and mission of this
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school, and a live performance as well. 7:22 a.m. 7:22 a.m. 
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>> making headlines overseas, major developments in the syrian civil war. the prime minister defected to jordan along with his family. there are reports three other cabinet members also defected. syrian tv reported this morning the prime minister was fired. meanwhile, the country's biggest city of aleppo is the scene of more fierce clashes the city is surrounded by 20,000 army troop, as war planeartillery are pounding syria's biggest city and commercial center. many folks in oklahoma forced to leave their homes due to wild fires. cooler temperatures over the next two or three days will be
7:27 am
a help. as many as 18 fires have been reported since late last week. 726 al, coming up on 7:27 a.m., -- 7:26 a.m., coming up on 7:27 a.m., in london, americans ashy to have lead. the world's fastest man proves it once again on the track. lawmakers will meet for a special session. main focus, expand gammenning -- gambling. pretty picture, how does it feel? tucker has the forecast, julie write your traffic when we return. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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here are olympic wins if you don't want to know about it, world record holder, usain bolt blazed to an olympic record time of 9 . 63 seconds, the bronze medal went to justin gatlin of the u.s. >> on the track for women, sonia richards ross wins gold in 400 meters just barely
7:31 am
edging out great britain and dee dee trotter finished third to give the americans a bronze as well. and late they are morning, the action shifts back to gymnastics where women's all around champ, gabby douglas tries for another gold medal this time in the uneven bars final. we wish her the best. >> all right. >> yes, we do. hi tuck. >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> you too. >> going to be okay out there? >> it doesn't look promising but less in the way of humidity, cooler temperatures. >> singing my favorite song. >> not a beautiful start, yesterday we were bright and sunny much of the day but we need the transition. >> sure. >> lower humidity, cooler temps it is good. >> right we don't need 98 like yesterday. radar, light shower activity continues to fall across parts of the area, just enough to wet the roadways in a couple places. looks like the most concentrated band of showers
7:32 am
just to our west, ash burn, sterling, reston might get a light shower and a few more south and west of the city, dale city and you can see they are pushing into parts of southern maryland. bottom line a few showers in your forecast they will linger through the middle of the day then by later this afternoon, keeping our fingers crossed, this cold front makes enough progress it gets south and east, we break out in a little sunshine and we can get in on that lower humidity, and slightly cooler air. we will see if that happens or not. typical, a typical summertime frontal system doesn't have a lot of umpf. lower eastern shore, southern maryland you will be socked in cloudiness for a good portion of your day. temperatures warm, humid, dew point temperatures low 70s. 72 dew point in washington and with temperatures 79, that is not a terribly comfortable start. 80 annapolis, 79 fredericksburg. doing better well to the west
7:33 am
and north. winchester, 70 degrees. tropics real quick and an update with earn nesto. still a tropical storm but forecast to strengthen and become a hurricane over the next couple days and could be a hurricane as early as tomorrow night as it gets close to portions of belize and yucatan peninsula. forecast across the yucatan and back into the gulf of mexico maybe strike mexico for a second time later this week. right now the current track takes it far enough south it will not impact the united states. florence, much farther east, currently a tropical depression, down graded here in the last 12 hours. early clouds afternoon sun a couple showers out there. 88 your daytime high, just 88, winds out of the south and west a to 10 partly cloudy, little less humid, 72 the overnight low. 5 day temperatures for a change first time this month, a little closer to normal, upper 80s to 90 each day tomorrow looks
7:34 am
beautiful wednesday, thursday, friday, scattered storms. that is weather, let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> all right, on the roads right now fox 5 wazers checking in with the commute along northbound, 295, heavy and slow traffic, heavy volume, as you approach the inbound 11th street bridge. a slow ride as you travel northbound, 295. fox 5 wazers, checking in 395, sooner 23 saying slow moving traffic as you approach the exit for the pentagon i can as sure you lanes are open. out on the roads as you guys continue to work your way around the capital belt way slow moving new hampshire avenue and university boulevard wires down along arundel road east, inbound 50, still below speed, 31 miles an hour, slowing 23 miles an hour getting through the traffic lights, headed from northeast and northwest, big change in traffic pattern say hello to five lanes of travel as you
7:35 am
work your way out of alexandria. two through lanes available headed out of vir jane yeah in towards -- virginia, in towards maryland. thanks julie. new this morning an suv crashes into a home in fairfax county, check out the picture there. this happened 6:00 a.m. this morning. it is on miller road in oakton everyone in the home got out okay the driver was transported to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no word what caused this accident. thank you very much. maryland lawmakers cutting summer vacations short after governor o'malley announced a special session for this thursday. the reason, to address unanswered questions about a proposal to expand gambling in the state for more on this we turn to ben jails a staff writer with washington examiner, and has written --
7:36 am
giles a staff writer with washington examiner and has written extensively about this. do we have a sense what the outcome of this special session will be? >> not at this point. depend hog you ask in annapolis they tell you it will pass or fail the governor said he thinks he has the necessary 71 votes in the house this is where this got into a lot of trouble during regular session this year, gambling expansion bill easily passed senate but had enough trouble getting
7:37 am
enough votes in the house with degaiting. different people are saying different things. there is the votes there, there is not. >> outcome is not clear. let me ask you this, why so
7:38 am
much talk in maryland recently, about gambling? we had maryland live, just open, now there is already talk about a new casino in prince georges county, house speaker michael bush raised the possibility of online gambling possibly in maryland. why all this talk about gambling? >> because the state is looking for new revenue right now. they are looking around at other states, especially some folks in senate, mike miller has been a huge proponent of the prince georges county casino pgh >> the chairman of cortish companies they own maryland live, he has come up with quite the list of demands should maryland proceed, with a new casino in prince georges county, and the like, how has that list been received, and how likely are legislators to pay attention to what he wants. >> that was quite a list that is where internet gambling came from he was the first to mention that as one of the things he would like to see maryland do, if there is going to be a casino in prince
7:39 am
georges to compete with his own. the response has been, frustrated with him. a lot of delegates are saying after i am fine with the tax rate, i am fine with the tax rate you have on my slot machines now, now he is demanding a better tax rate for himself than nearly ever other casino in the state as well as internet gambling and other concessions that would help his casino continue to make a profit >> he is looking for protection from another relatively nearby casino. >> exactly. >> what is the latest, -- do we have the latest numbers on what the public feels about all this? is the public into or in favour of more expansion of gambling in maryland? >> it is not really clear. i think the most important public that you want to look at right now is prince georges county. one of the provisions that the speaker of the house is demanding in this bill, is local majority vote. you could have a statewide vote on gambling to bring a casino to prince georges even if the entire state approved it if prince georges county voters don't want this casino and a majority of them vote against the measure in november, if this gets to a statewide ballot then there would be no casino in the county. >> how would you do that? how would you -- i am not familiar, if that has been done before if you say okay you all can vote either way but it is up to this county. >> right, five years ago when there is a vote on this there wasn't a local majority measure such as that and attorney generals office actually said, you can't technically, source this measure, it is not something you can technically approve, but they can write in and the way the governor is writing legislation i am told,
7:40 am
is with the intent, that we will take a look at the statewide vote, we can break it down by county if prince georges county voters say overwhelmingly they don't want this, we will honor that, in a sense, and not bring a casino to prince georges. >> very interesting. all right. ben giles is thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> good to see you. allison back to you. 49 degrees on this monday morning. what changes they will notice, during this week in rush hour. a big announcement could bring an end to debate over the mental ability of jared loughner what he is expected to tell a judge tomorrow. we will be right back 
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making headlines this morning a possible guilty plea tucson shootling rampage. the plan is for jared loughner to enter the plea tomorrow which would result in a life sentence but it is ultimately up to the judge whether or not to accept that plea. the shooting in january 2011 left 6 people dead and injured
7:44 am
former u.s. representative, gabrielle giffordtwelve others. an ohio man is being arraigned on attempted murder charge in the shooting of his wife. 66-year-old john wisenterred his wife's hospital room and shot her standing at her bedside. preliminary investigation shows the motive was to end her suffering. tragedy at a nascar race in pennsylvania alightsenning strike in the parking lot behind the grand stand after the race killed one person and injured nine others. the race was called due to rain, the traffic even posted warnings on its twitter page encouraging fans to seek shelter. >> very unfortunate. >> sad story. >> yeah. >> you know, i mean it is tough, in that kind of event where you have a lot of pep and storms roll in you do try to get out -- people and storms roll in you do try to get out. >> i saw lightning around here.
7:45 am
>> yeah, a couple storms got going. cooler weather moving in, trying to move in behind the front and you know, things look better today. >> good. >> at least temperature wise, humidity wise not sure we will see a lot of sun here. let's start with a look at radar showers that have been kind of hit and miss here, got to look carefully, a couple spotty showers in and around the belt way, particularly south down 95, towards dale city a couple light showers, down to southern maryland as well. scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm will develop early let's go to future cast. it is a cold front moving through, and it is a very slow mover, so the back edge of this front really not going to clear the area, until later tonight. at 11, you can see we have a few breaks in the clouds i think you will see sunshine particularly this afternoon, with it not budging a whole lot viewer, friends southern maryland, low eastern shore your clouds will hold tough throughout the day north and west a little sunshine notice
7:46 am
humidity is backing off a bit, and you also notice cooler temperatures area wide, highs upper 80s. instead of upper 90s. clearing off to the north and west, here is your 5 day forecast, clouds to start your day a little sun this afternoon, 88, yeah, that is it, tomorrow beautiful low humidity wednesday, thursday friday, highs low 90s. we will take a bit of a break. >> thank you tucker. >> to julie wright now and find out what is happen being this mornings rush hour traffic. hey julie. >> hey you guys trying to keep an eye on rain tucker is talking about this is northbound i-95, as you work from quantico, and triangle, tucker was saying there could be a shower moving through the
7:47 am
air y between stafford and dale city. this is a good look for you as
7:48 am
you travel northbound, leaving quantico and continuing up towards 234. traffic will slow as you travel across the occoquan as you continue to work your way 395, towards capital belt way, no problems to report at this time for those travelling the belt way outer loop, georgia avenue. not quite sure what happened to our clicker, cameras aren't changing delays inbound new
7:49 am
york avenue, arundel road, wires down across the highway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. interstate 66 between the belt way and route 50 getting a facelift. crews are applying new lane markings designed to improve safety. a red clay coating is going on the shoulder lanes that function as travel lanes during peak hours officials are adding double white lines to hov lanes in a area. a recent study found drivers who weave back and forth between lanes cause slower traffic ould be pgh >> hi holly. >> hey, guys i am not just adds any ballet academy, ballet arts add cad my, wall door. maryland, oscar hopkins danced globally, lives locally. the artistic director here. coming up first hand why his story is inspiring young people to dance at the highst of levels all next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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>> it is 7:52 a.m., his love of dance sent him to stages around the globe. oscar hawkins, he is back home training the next generation. >> as the director of the ballet arts academy it is his job to shape careers of young artists holly morris is in waldorf with more on the school and its mission. holly good morning. >> good morning. when i got here this morning i said okay, tell me why we are featuring your school today and like four people in unison said, oscar. that is why. without further adoe the man and the legend apparently, oscar haw kin it is artistic director here at bay lay arts -- ballet arts academy.
7:53 am
you didn't just grow up believing you were going to be this dancer it came to you later. >> yes, i started off in vocal and music, at duke ellington school of performing arts later on i was cohearsed into the dance department, which later on, cohearsed me to actually continue dancing in the russian division i was placed in the dance department two years and danced with the russian ballet for four years. >> not just anybody can dance with the russian ballet you must be pretty good. >> well, dance is about being humble when you are learning how to dance you focus on working hard and developing as an artist the russian tradition it is hard to take it as something that is a privilege until you actually get out to a company because you realize the strong training and background, the russian technique has it is very militant while training you feel like you are in the army. i don't know if you know what
7:54 am
that is >> i heard what it is like. to be in the military. he is going to be humble but he literally has traveled the world is performed in many ballets you performed with cirque du soleil, literally just done about it all in terms of dance and now you are giving back we are back here in waldorf i want everyone to realize where we are. this is not just your normal ballet -- >> yeah, this is the costume room and right now we have lore rain here doing paintings, she is researching different ballets, because what students are at at the moment we have artists come in, kids learn about ballet history she is doing a painting to go up in our hallway. speaking of which, we are working on a famous ballet, i have danced this many times in berlin and europe as well as russia, and this ballet is aquitta. >> what is amazing about this, is the fact also many people were impressed and told me this morning there are a lot of
7:55 am
ballet schoolafter school programs but this is not just for the casual dancer that wants to be a part of your studio >> i tell kids when they first come in to understand, this is a very serious education, we are not here for the novelty of dance. most kids here really want to have professional careers it is not, we have a lot of kids who become great leaders i believe in building leaders, the arts give you that edge, you know in the world. >> what really impressed me when i was reading about you, there was an article that they interviewed you and you said, when i go home at night i think about that one dancer that is not understanding, and then how do i go about getting them to grasp it. >> yes. well, i had a teacher who you know, i felt when he came to class he would not only look at us as just ballet dancers ands but you know as humans, that really were striving to do something, for perfection and i believe he went home and probably had the same nightmares i have now the kids
7:56 am
work so hard this is a difficult discipline yes, i go home and do my homework i think about them and dream about what makes them better. >> not only do you have the dancers ands here taking art seriously but have an outreach program. >> yes. >> to get it out into the community. people that wouldn't experience it. >> we are trying to get into the school, i go in for you know the career daythings like that. i have created a program, where the students can actually dance some of the bar and some of the miniballets for the kids in the school just to get them exposed to the arts. >> if they don't know what is out there they don't know they can be a part of it. >> yes. >> you can be a part of the wonderful thing going on here we have a link to ballet arts academy. if you want to find out what they offer. their summer intensive performance is going on this saturday. we will spend the morning with oscar and pick his brain about
7:57 am
the opportunities he is giving to young people. back to you in studio. >> thank you. just beautiful thanks. still ahead, congress officially on summer break. leaving behind a load of unfinished business. we will take a closer look in the next hour. >> also coming up, a history making morning for nasa, curiosity landed safely on mars just after 1:30 a.m. in the morning. we have continuing coverage of the high tech rovers landing on the red planet. we will be right back 7:57 a.m. ñ i got the chance to start my own business.
7:58 am
7:59 am
i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:00 am
touchdown confirmed. we are safe on mars. >> there you go. straight ahead at 8:00, where will curiosity take us next. a 352 million-mile to mars ends with a picture perfect landing to the red planet. it's just the beginning for nasa. plus, a search for answers after an act of domestic terrorism inside a house of worship. we will have a live report.
8:01 am
>> later the jamaican jet does it again. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. >> tucker barnes is with us. yesterday heavy rain. anything like that on tap for today. >> because you are watching the olympics. >> clever. >> shower activity. light showers across the area. you will see the clouds. the day doesn't look terribly promising but i think it will get gradually better as the cold front will continue to meander and move south and east later today. still warm, still humid. 79 in washington. dew point temperatures, if you are into that kin of thing, in the low 70s. lots of humidity. 81 naval air station. 79 ocean city and wind chester 70. we are better north and west.
8:02 am
a shower or thunderstorm activity, there you go. you can see it dissipating overnight then redeveloping early this morning. just hit and miss showers at this moment. you can see the cloud cover as well. this is associated with cooler drier air trying to work in. i think after morning cloudiness we should see partly cloudy conditions north and west of town and cooler temperatures. that is a guarantee for all of us. 88 today. yesterday we were 98 degrees. about 10 cooler than yesterday. >> amazing when 88 is cooler. >> it will feel good. >> all right. julie wright has the latest on the traffic. >> reporter: and on the rails, tony. we are receiving word of problems affecting the red line. at dew point circle the station is closed. the escalators are out of service due to a mechanical problem. dupont circle station is closed.
8:03 am
top stretch of the beltway, outer loop down to 16 miles per hour traveling west of new hampshire avenue. the pace better at georgia avenue at 24 miles per hour before you back up to speed at connecticut. the change in the traffic pattern is for the better. five lanes are better. two through lanes as you travel out of alexandria in the direction of the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, julie. new this morning, a cow -- a cow -- i'm sorry, a car plows into a house in far fakes county. i was complaining car and plow. >> i got it. >> it happened on the 10,000 block of miller road around 6:00 this morning. sky fox was over scene capturing the images. the driver was hospitalized but is expected to survive. no one in the house was hurt tank lull any -- thankfully. no word what caused the driver
8:04 am
to lose control. >> and our other big story this morning, the rover lands safely. huge celebrations at the jet propulsion laboratory overnight. the mars mission was 10 years in the making. >> this is truely a historic moment. scientists are trying to find out if there was life on the red planet. we turn to lauren demar could she is live in the newsroom following the latest. hey, tell us what is going on. >> reporter: i have the latest on that, tony and allison. touchdown confirmed. the two big words everybody was waiting for. the rover curiosity made a picture perfect landing on the surface of mars. minutes later it beamed back the first black and white pictures showing one of its wheels on the martian soil and its own shadow. nasa posted links to the photos on twitter. the next few days we should see
8:05 am
the first color pictures. the rover took a 7 minute plunge dubbed the 7 minutes of terror through mars' atmosphere to get through the surface of the planet and it was a major success. curiosity is packed with tools, weather station. it will look for the ingredients looking for life essential as we know it, part of the quest to see if primative life arose in the planet's history and whether it can sustain life in the future. >> no greater inspiration for middle schoolchildren going to math, science and engineering than a mission to mars. the number of hits on the web site is unparalleled. the emphasize on the excitement that this generates is what we be stow upon our children. the money, 2 1/2 billion
8:06 am
dollars, we don't put it in the rover and send it to mars. we spend it here on earth. >> this was the 7th landing on mars and the space agency is still debating whether it can afford another one this decade. in a statement, president obama praised the landing as an unprecedented feat of technology that will stand as a point of national pride far into the future. that's the latest from the newsroom, back up to the studio. >> exciting stuff. still more questions than answers after a mass shooting inside a wisconsin sikh temple sunday. >> federal authorities called the attack an act of domestic terrorism. so far they have not offered up a motive. a source tells fox news the suspected gunman has a surprising background. wisdom martin is back in the studio with what we know so far. >> reporter: allison and tony, we will likely learn more about the gunman's identity. but fox news is reporting that
8:07 am
the white male may be a military man. four people died inside the temple when the gunman started shooting. two more died outside. police shot and killed the suspect during an exchange of gunfire that left at least one officer hurt. some reports said that the bald suspect was a skin head or possibly a white supremist. the fbi has not commend. after the shooting police and a bomb squad raided the suspected shooter's house evacuating several homes nearby. meanwhile, sikhs around the country are asking for prayers and calling for people to focus on the magnitude of the crime rather than religious differences. allison and tony, back to you. >> wisdom, thank you very much. new developments this morning in the civil war in syria. the prime minister has quit and he defected to neighboring jordan with his family. two other cabinet officials are with him. also this morning a bomb ripped through the state television
8:08 am
building in damascus. it's the latest in a string of suicide attacks in the last couple of months. heavy shelling has continued all night. army fighter jets are bombing rebel positions. turning to the race for the white house, president obama begins the workweek on the road as he tries to keep up with mitt romney in the money race. today he heads to connecticut for two fundraisers. the white house hopes to add 2 1/2 million dollars to the campaign coffers with a little hollywood help. the host for the vent include harvey weinstein, aaron sorkin and actress anne hathaway. mitt romney will spend the day in private meetings at his new hampshire vacation home. he is expected to name a running mate before the republican national convention. over the weekend the former governor met with supporters in
8:09 am
indiana. he will launch a multistate bus tour that will include stops in the d.c. area. speaking of the convention, we are getting a sneak peek at some of the featured speakers. according to the tampa bay times, former candidate john mccain, governor mike huckabee and condoleezza rice will all take the stage. so will south carolina governor mickey -- nikki haley and suzanna martinez. they have not said who will deliver the keynote address. stay with us, staying with politics, lawmakers are back at home leaving for the august break while leaving big projects unfinished. >> still ahead at 8:00, roll calls daniel new houser will join us for a closer look at what to expect when congress comes back.
8:10 am
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making headlines in the day ahead, a man accused of killing an arlington jewelry store owner will likely make his first court appearance. james sylvester air caroline police say shot tommy wong during a robbery last month. prosecutors will likely file formal murder charges and hold a bond hearing. also it marks 67 years since the first atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima. the blast destroyed most of the city and killed an estimated 140,000 people. president harry truman's grandson attended the ceremony and is expected to do the same in nag gay sock can i thursday.
8:14 am
tropical storm ernest so grazed the island of jamaica over the weekend. the u.s. national hurricane center says the storm may reach hurricane status later this week. 8:13. that sounds like bad news. i need good news. tucker will deliver that. >> tucker, bring it to us. >> i want to cool it down. it has been hot out there. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> oh. >> today -- we should whisper. >> we should say good morning to miss lailah renee hollis. >> hello, beautiful. >> acoustic version. she was born july 1st and this is a picture taken when she was just seven days old. look at that. so peaceful. >> oh, boy. >> amazing picture. >> it is. she is just over a-month-old.
8:15 am
>> yeah. her parents say she wakes up bright and early, 5:00 a.m. in time to watch fox 5 morning news. we appreciate it. i'm sure you love getting up nice and early. >> this looks like an ann get at the photo -- getty photo. >> you don't see people my age looking this good. >> she is perfect. >> i am picturing a picture of tucker like that. >> not as angelic. >> thanks. 80 in washington. 80 in quan tika. cambridge 79 warm and humid start to the day. once again the temperatures are notre i believe belly comfortable to start the morning. it will -- are not not i
8:16 am
believe belly comfortable a cold front is trying to get through. it's -- chugging and chuggingment a lot of clouds to start the day. off to the north and west there is clearingment some of that will get in this afternoon. after morning clouds, partial sunshine, a few left over showers or early storms. 88 a little less humid this afternoon. tomorrow 90. it looks great. wednesday, thursday and friday nothing extreme. could be late-day storms, particularly friday with a cold front. that is the weather. let's do traffic and another i'm sure cute baby in the day. >> i'm still a baby. what are you talking about. all right. lanes are open at the top of the beltway. leaving new hampshire to university boulevard. metro red line problems here. trains are not stopping in dupont circle.
8:17 am
in fact we have a mechanical problem with the escalators. the dupont circle station is closed. bus service has been requested for you. so, again, because the escalators are out of service, no trains are stopping. make note of that. on the outer loop of the beltway, tony made mention of this, five lanes of travel available out of alexandria in the direction of the wilson bridge hoping that will alleviate some of those problems that we typically have on the outer loop of the beltway. outer loop is slow 95 to georgia avenue. no problems on on 95 and 295. lanes are open on 395 leaving the pentagon for the 14th street bridge. nonresolved issues from tax cut extensions to the violence against women act to drought
8:18 am
relief for farmers. is there much hope that they will do anything before the november elections. our guest is daniel newhauser with roll call. thanks for being with us today. where do we stand? this is something you cover every day. where are we with getting much of anything done before the recess. >> they took off thursday and will be gone five weeks for campaigning. they do the republican and democratic conventions ends of august, early september. we won't see them in d.c. before that. i doubt when they come back in september that they will do very much either. they have to pass short of a short term funding bill, the farm bill that you mentioned that includes drought relief expires at the end of september. we may see action on those. it's not hopeful because they are having trouble. before the election, we probably won't see too much
8:19 am
substantive legislation. >> you wrote an article talking about the hope for a postponement or possibility of a postponement of the recess. that juxtaposed what is going on now, what do you think as far as what is happening on the hill. >> it's a perennial issue. every time congress recesses, somebody says we have serious work to do. let's stick around. i doubt anybody that says that wants to come back. republicans have threatened or told the senate leaders we will come back if you guys pass tax measures ordeal with this women's see questions -- the cuts to defense. democrats said you need to come back and pass a middle class tax cut. so, it's sort of political posturing on both sides but almost zero chance that they will come back. >> going deeper into that political posturing, is it because it's an election year or part of politics as normal? what are you thinking?
8:20 am
>> the sheer amount of things that they put off and have to deal with between the election and the end of december i think is kind of unprecedented. i haven't seen anything as big as this. people have been covering congress longer than i have. certainly the presidential election year has a lot to do with it and the sort of interesting nature of the politics with the tea party movement and all that stuff, it's kind of all come together to cause this blockade in legislation. >> switching gears a little bit, harry reid accused mitt romney of not being forthcoming with his taxes, actually calling him somewhat of a tax cheat, okay. and then you have the rnc, head of the rnc on the talk shows calling reid a dirty liar. these are strong words. how far will this go? is harry reid serious about this. does he want to see tax returns or is this a big question mark over mitt romney during the
8:21 am
campaign. >> there is an old fork lower tale about lbj made some allegations about his opponent and his aide told him this can't possibly be true and he said i know, make him deny it. this is kind of what reid i doing. nobody knows that mitt romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years. the only way that he can deny it is to show his tax returns. harry reid is putting a lot of pressure on him to do that. we don't know where it will go but we are seeing a big backlash from republicans. another senator, lindsay graham from south carolina was on the sunday talk shows and called harry reid a liar as well. we don't usually see rhett ftorek notch up to this point with senators calling each other liars. but this is a big fight. >> we are covering it. we are talking about it. maybe that's the point as well. daniel knew hauser is a -- newhauser is a riter
8:22 am
with roll call. coming up, the latest from london. usain bolt proves he is lightning fast. and michael fell's tells reporters what he is afraid of one day after retiring from swimming. later, holly morris is live in waldorf showing us young dancers training with a masters. masters. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
china has retaken the lead in the nation's medal count. half are gold. the united states is on their heels, one back. meanwhile great britain launched a dark horse campaign with 37 medals, two ahead of fourth place russia. >> the united states is in good shape heading into day 11 since most of china's best events are behind them now. >> all eyes will be on the track and gymnast gabby douglas will try to add another medal when she competes on the uneven bars. >> the world's most fastest man proves he deserves the title.
8:26 am
usain bolt one with 9.63 seconds. johan blake finished a close second. before the race, look at this, a close call for the athletes. officials say a drunken fan threw a bottle on the track near the starting line. no one was hit. no one was hurt except for the guy who threw the bottle. tea a punch from a judo competitor watching in the stands. >> why in the world -- >> because he was drunk. >> on the women's side, tonya richards ross gave the united states its first track and field gold medal and dee dee trotter got the bronze. >> the pool events are all but over. what is next for the three biggest stars? michael phelps his goal for retirement is not getting fat. ryan lochte is planning a come back in rio and missy franklin says she will forgo millions in
8:27 am
endorsements to swim in college. >> couldn't she still get the endorsements? >> i don't know how that works. heavy rains wash away a house as monsoon season begins in india. we will show you more of these dramatic pictures. >> and we will sit down with ray gregburn for a look at the historic mission to mars that landed safely this morning. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans?
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making headlines at home and around the world, exciting news for commuters on the beltway. drivers have access to five lanes on i 495 between the wilson bridge and springfield, virginia. [ applause ] >> the new configuration is part of the woodrow wilson
8:31 am
bridge project. the old bridge had three lanes going each way. some residents in oklahoma are allowed to return home after massive wildfires forced them to evacuate. so far the flames have scorched nearly 91 square miles and the fires are still burning in some areas. officials believe a lit cigarette or a burning bush may have sparked the fire. to india. the monsoon season is turning deadly. flash flooding killed 34 people. check out this house falling over a cliff after landslides destroyed and washed away dozens of homes. hundreds of people are stranded and the military is helping get to the villages cut off by flooding. >> feel for those folks. >> really do. >> tucker barnes is here with the update on our own weather forecast today. >> getting better after a high temperature yesterday 98 degrees. we will be in the upper 80s
8:32 am
later today. the first day of the month where the temperatures won't reach 80. >> really? >> there you go. >> i told you i lost power a little bit. so, it was still light so the door was open but it's a screen door. it was like close the door, keep the air. >> you have a screen door. >> yeah. it gets crazy. >> very old school. >> a new old school door. that's the one thing. >> let me do the weather. i didn't know having a screened door was old-fashioned. >> maybe i'm wrong. i don't have one. >> let's do the forecast. a couple of light sprinkles just off to the south. you may encounter another shower or two early this morning through the midday hour then i think we will see gradual clearing particularly north and west of the city. the reason why, a cold front is trying to get through. it's chugging and pushing but not moving a lot. that's where we are expecting not sunny skies for most of the
8:33 am
day, maybe this afternoon. you can see to the north and west the edge of the front. clear skies in southern pennsylvania. that will creep south and east and drag with it slightly cooler and less humid air. generally things will be improving into the afternoon. currently we are warm and humid. 80 washington. 80 annapolis. 80 quantico. not better to the west. dulles 75. dew points are in the 70s too. plenty of humidity. put futurecast in motion, we have a sprinkle or two around at noon. we are seeing breaks in the clouds north and west. your best chance of sunshine will be north and west of town. southern maryland you will be dealing with clouds. by 8:00, 9:00 in time for sunset, sunshine breaks out north and west. upper 90s for the daytime high. left over shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow looks great, 90. a few scattered storms wednesday and thursday. best chance friday with another cold front. highs in the low 90s.
8:34 am
that's weather. let's get curious with tony and greg. >> okay, tucker. thank you. >> nasa's curiosity rover makes history by landing on mars early this morning. the team leader says the new rover landed in a nice flat spot. joining us back in the studio for what this means is greg. he is a nasa ambassador. let us just say right at the outset that this is a great achievement for nasa. >> it is. it is. >> difficult task to pull off. >> it's historic. it was using technology that had never been tried before. when you send a 2,000-pound rover to land on mars from 13,000 miles an hour to zero in seven minutes you can't use airbags like spirit and opportunity. you have to have new technology. they came up with a sky crane.
8:35 am
it detached after the parachute did its job, ignited eight rockets, came down, everything worked and touchdown confirmed. music to the ears. >> wasn't there in some ways a greater chance of it not being successful? >> absolutely. when you figure that it relied on its own internal control -- two computers set if one went down, b would backup. you are using 500 lines of code. 76 pyrotechnic events that have to happen on time and the first time or you got a $2.5 billion crater there on mars. >> for nasa, it was -- once it enters that seven minute period, that is a waiting game, right? we are not controlling anything down here. >> rover is in the driver's seat. the reason that is, tony, it's 14 minutes at the speed of light between 100 and 54 million miles between earth and
8:36 am
mars. the rover went on automatic pilot. the computer did what needed to be done and it glided down that needle in a haystack next to a three mile high mountain inside 96-mile wide crater. >> this is a nasa animation. these are the first two images sent back within minutes. >> within minutes. >> those are black and white but we will get color images. >> the first images have been sent back. they have to be processed. we had mars reconnaissance orbiter flying over to hopefully capture curiosity coming into the atmosphere and touching down like we did with the phoenix lander. >> we could see that at some point. >> yes. >> so, we landed gale crater. >> yeah. >> why ways it selected. >> they looked at many sites. the reason they picked gale is because it's low on the planet. all the water that existed back
8:37 am
in that area 3.5 billion years ago watched down into gayle crater filling it up. you have a geological feature that curiosity can go out and start sampling. they picked the site because then it can go over to set di men tear layers that are next to mount sharp three miles high and they want to get their hands on that. >> it can dig into that, drill down and pull the samples back into curiosity and analyze them. >> and it can sniff the atmosphere, it can check the radiation that is on board and then the first ever -- we can shoot a laser as a rock sample 25 feet away and use a spectrometer to analyze what is in that rock that we are oblating and a telescope can zoom in and see the sample. >> what is the projected life span? >> she was built to a nominal mission length of two years. spirit and opportunity were built -- the last two rovers
8:38 am
were built to a mission life of 90 days. they are on their 7th year -- at least opportunity is. i bet we will get a few more years out of this. they know how to do it at jpl. >> exciting stuff. >> i know you will write about this. >> one last thing, tony. >> tucker says it will clear up this weekend. we can see mars in the western sky. i will have a chart this weekend so people can go out and look and see mars, wave hello at curiosity and check out the meteor shower on saturday night, the per see equaled. >> that's right. >> thanks. good to have you. >> thanks, greg, tony. time is 8:38. monday morning. still ahead, football preseason is underway. we will show you highlights from the hall of fame game. e.
8:39 am
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back to work for week three of redskins training camp. >> it's about getting prepared for that first preseason game
8:42 am
thursday in buffalo. dave ross joins us live from the sidelines in ashburn with what to expect. >> reporter: it's almost time to plan for real. i mean not for real, the games don't count but we get to see rg3 and company in action. but right now the defense might be slightly ahead of the offense. one guy who made an impact last year as a rookie, chris kneels, a nose tackle if you think you don't have to be smart, think again. >> what is the biggest difference between year two and being a rookie. >> i know what to expect now. last year after the lookout, i didn't know what was going on. but being here and coming for the training camp, i know what is expected of me and so far so good. >> if you didn't know a lot last year, as a 7th round draft pick and you made the team, you must have excelled quickly. >> i tried to.
8:43 am
knowing one playbook in college for so long -- i didn't study that much of a playbook. >> go kill the quarterback. >> or the center from my position. it related to the same system here but learning a new system was new to me and i had to adjust. >> take me back to week one, your first game as a professional. you get 1 1/2 sacks in a big win over the giants. what was that day like for you. >> that was crazy. being the 10-year anniversary of 9-11 and everything, playing the giants, that was my favorite team growing up -- >> no longer? >> of course no longer. now it's for real. prepared -- i tried to prepare well for that game and it turned out well. i was very happy with it. >> barry is playing in front of you now.
8:44 am
inning you turned heads with as well as you played. you look obviously to improve every year. is the learning curve accelerated because of the full mini-camp and time to be put in. >> definitely. you have to take -- every day i try to get better and work on things that i know i need improvement on. with the competition that we have now and the guys that we have at the defensive line, it helps out. the same guys that we had around last year we have this year. just gelling together helps out. >> do you feel like because robert griffin the third is the rookie and there could be growing pains on the offensive side that the defense needs to step up, we will buy you extra time. >> we had a good defense last year. i think we can only improve to be honest with you. being a rookie, he may have struggles. within training camp, he is doing good.
8:45 am
>> have you pulled him aside and said as a second year guy, let me tell what you it's like. >> no, i don't do that. i think you gert more knowledge from london fletcher. >> how long does it take you to grow a beard like that. >> i trimmed it -- >> that is trimmed. >> no, i haven't trimmed it since mid-may, late may. >> that doesn't boy you at all. >> no. >> not itchy or scruffy. >> i have to take care of mustache but i will let it go through training camp. >> if you can grow a beard like that i guess that is what you do. when you think of nose tackles, he is the grunt of the front but he is an educated grunt. we expect big things out of him and the defense. coming up next hour, preview looking ahead to thursday night and more camp battles. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you
8:46 am
very much. >> sure. and speaking of preseason, preseason football kicked off last night with the hall of fame game in canton, ohio. play of the game goes to saints rookie defensive back laron scott who took a kick off back 67 yards to set up a touchdown. nice run there. people not really trying to do a lot in terms of tackling. the saints won 17-10. coming up next, holly morris is keeping us on our tows. >> good morning, holly. >> good morning to you. you know me, i won't learn to dance from just anybody. that's why we come here to the ballet arts academy in waldorf. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
8:47 am
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my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:50 am
time for the facebook fan of the day. we say hello to gwen jones. her day begins and ends with fox 5. she turns to us for weather and traffic. we hope we provide you with that and for. thank you for watching. log on to our facebook page an leave a come meant under gwen's picture. school is out for summer but one group is working hard. >> they spent time working with guest intructors and choreographer's. holly morris has the details. good morning, holly. >> good morning. here is the deal. when you are a star. you know people. you are sure rinded by other people as brilliant as you. that happens to be the case with oscar hawkins who has traveled the world and come home to create his own dance studio and company. you brought a few much your
8:51 am
friends. i have been fortune nature to have kelly and kell by brown. we have been trying to bring the kids jazz, contemporary as well as ballet. >> they have been with cirque du soleil and more than that. name a few people you danced for. >> shakira, justin timberlake, in the pennsylvania ballet and northwest ballet. >> you are all accomplished. why take of your time in the summer to come to waldorf maryland to work with these young people. >> because our friend oscar asked us to come. >> that is the answer a lot here. when i ask a question, because
8:52 am
of oscar. >> he is an incredible person. and he is giving these girls so much of a foundation to have professional careers like we all had and i think that is the unique thing about this school. >> we are here to give back of course to pass on what we learned and he is building a world class academy that can be compared to school of american ballet and ballet theater. the exception they are learning like contemporary ballet and jazz which sometimes you don't get in the other schools. that's the benefit to these kids and because we have been around the world, all different kind of genres, we can pass the knowledge to them. >> right now we will do a little dance. >> i am teaching it to you. >> explain to me what it is. >> i was in grenada spain and i
8:53 am
learned it in a cave. i want to bring it back to the kids. it's close to bally but it's -- ballet but it's grounded. i want to give them a sense of weight in the body. >> i try weightedless now he is trying to give me weight. >> it will be parallel, hip forward, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, one more -- good. 1, 2, 1, 2, 3. now a little arms. take the apple, eat it. take the apple eat it. four times, take the apple eat it. and take the apple eat it. >> all right. [ applause ] >> that was great. >> holly, who did you look so good? oscar. >> now we will try to put it altogether. >> i will bring you in the company. would you like to join, first of all, join the company. >> i would like to join, yes.
8:54 am
>> ladies, 5, 6, 5, 6, 5, 6, 5, 6, 7 and one, two, one, two, three. this is one of those times where i have to dissect the classical ballet and infuse them into this style of character dance. this isn't normal. i added my own spin to it. the kids inspire a lot of this. they are into so many modern day things that i give them as much exposure to different events so they can compete. >> i think the only thing that would make it better, oscar, if you and i were drinking sangria while these kids were dancing. >> maybe next time. >> my fox d.c. is our web site. we have a link. we are learning more about the man in the mission. we will continue to do that in the next hour. back to you in the studio.
8:55 am
>> enthusiastic group. that's great. thanks. the cast of "glee" may be on summer break but search for guest stars are heating up on the "glee" project. >> at 9:00 we will sit down with one of the contestants of the show with a one of a kind experience to share about overcoming obstacles. breaking news from wisconsin. we know the identity of the suspected shooter that killed six people at a sikh temple.  i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you. grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'.
8:56 am
8:57 am
i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:58 am
good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. curiosity rover capturing images of mars this morning. lauren demarco will explain the mission and how you can follow along. >> reporter: a documentary goes
8:59 am
beyond the myth. were r certain dog breeds vicious? and a local man whose story you don't want to miss. he lost his vision at a young age. that does not get in the way of his big dreams. mario bonds completed on the glee project. he talks to us this morning and what is next. before we get to the weather, the escalators at dupont circle's metro station are working and the station reopened. it was closed for a time when every escalator broke down. again the dupont circle metro station is open. >> great news for commuters. tucker barnes is joining us. hopefully you will have another piece of good news for commuters. >> you said it, allison. temperatures will be in the upper 80s for afternoon highs. clouds out there this morning. slightly cooler temperatures and a little less humidity in the forecast for your monday.

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